SmartAdvocate Partners with Lawfty

SmartAdvocate has partnered with litigation technology firm Lawfty. Lawfty is a unique combination of law firm and technology company that partners with personal injury attorneys throughout the country, utilizing machine learning algorithms to identify and attract potential clients. You can read the full press release here:

Personal Injury Software: New Rock In Practice Management

WHY PERSONAL INJURY SOFTWARE IS THE NEW PUNK ROCK IN PRACTICE MANAGEMENT By Warren Christopher Freiberg Last year in SmallLaw, I reported on the practice management bubble. Given the number of practice management apps flooding the market, you would expect software companies to differentiate. And in fact you would be correct. One of the most fascinating developments is the relatively recent explosion of practice management software specifically for personal injury/mass tort law firms. It makes sense since one of the principal complaints about traditional practice management software is its one-size-fits-all approach. For example, these products focus on time-keeping and hourly billing so they’re less than ideal for the contingency business model. Also, personal injury firms have specialized needs such as working with insurance companies, health providers, etc. For this issue of LitigationWorld, I spoke with the senior management of four of these companies to get their take on this growing segment of the practice management market. (As an aside, I quickly gleaned that these companies prefer the term “case management” rather than “practice…