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User-Defined Fields: The Emphasis Is on the User

Every case is unique. No matter how many cases you see in your career, or how routine or similar they may seem, there will always be a few details that distinguish each case from the rest. And sometimes, those little details can be the difference between an enormously lucrative case and one not even worth taking on. As a lawyer with skill and experience, you’ve no doubt learned to identify exactly which details are essential to cases in your field. But it’s equally essential that you be able to record those details in the case file, somewhere they can be easily referenced. That raises an issue: the developers of your case management software don’t have your experience, or your specialized knowledge. And the essential details of, say, an auto accident case are wildly unlike those of a medical malpractice case. Even cases in different states might need to keep different details in mind. It’s just not possible for a single case management system to be all things to all firms….