With Mass Update Reassigning Staff Is No Longer a Headache

An employee leaving your firm, under any condition, can be a major headache for the managers and the partners. As a manager/partner you now have your work cut out for you. You must now recruit and train a new employee. As if that was not enough work, you also have to worry about your ex-employee’s case load and workflow, including: Pending tasks that may have been left as a draft and/or never started by your ex-employee. Approaching SOL and critical deadlines that were assigned to your ex-employee. The office calendar has to be reviewed and reassigned. This process, caused by turnover, can be very time consuming. If you miss some items, it will adversely affect your practice. With SmartAdvocate now in less than 3 minutes and only a few clicks, you will accomplish a very large portion of dealing with this “turnover” nightmare: You still have to recruit your new employee (we have not figured that one out as of yet). However, I am pleased to introduce to you our…

The New ‘Open in This Tab’ Feature

SmartAdvocate was designed to run in a browser (more commonly referred to as ‘browser based’). This means that it uses your browser (currently full functionality is supported in Internet Explorer version 11 and above, Edge and Google Chrome version 38 or above) to render the information on your screen. When you open new pages in SmartAdvocate, the new page opens in a new browser tab. This design allows the user to simultaneously have an almost unlimited number of pages/files open in SmartAdvocate. There are times, however, when the user may wish to have a new page or file opened in an existing window. SmartAdvocate recently implemented a new feature where the user can determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether to open a new page in SmartAdvocate in the current tab or a ‘new’ tab. The feature can be set in User Preferences and it is also available in search results. In User Preferences, the user can set her preference to automatically open a new tab for search results. With this…

SmartAdvocate® Is a Great Business Building Tool, But Do You Have the Right People Using It?

Users of SmartAdvocate know what an incredibly powerful software system it is. However, it is important to remember that it is still only a tool, one that is used by living, breathing people to achieve their business goals and objectives. Even though it’s somewhat cliché to say that even the best tools can only be as good as the people who use them, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar that underscored this point. Titled “How to Build Your Sales Dream Team” and hosted by RingDNA, a company that markets sales productivity software, the webinar focused on the importance of having the right people in place. The thesis is that no matter how good the organization, it can only survive and flourish if it employs the people best suited to meet its needs and creates an environment in which they can succeed. Although the webinar focused on developing successful salespeople, I found its content to have much broader application. The principles articulated are particularly important to law firms,…

Learn How SmartAdvocate® Reports Can Improve Case And Firm Management

We’ve just posted the seventh in our series of instructional videos. In this video, you’ll learn the basics of the SmartAdvocate® report generation and customization. There are more than 35 standard reports already built into SmartAdvocate®, including intake reports, calendar reports, financial reports, SOL reports, staff activity reports and case status reports. All reports are customizable to meet your individual needs. This video shows you how to create, customize and save reports, and how to configure the system to automatically send each user the reports on which that person relies, on a schedule set by the user. To view the video, videos.

SmartAdvocate® and ZBRELLA Technology Consulting – A Great Partnership

SmartAdvocate® and ZBRELLA Technology Consulting – A Great Partnership SmartAdvocate® prides itself on the quality of the companies with which it partners. ZBRELLA Technology Consulting is certainly one such company. ZBRELLA is a top-notch technology consulting firm focusing on the legal, accounting and construction industries. For years, they have been helping law firms leverage the latest and best technology to increase efficiency and profits. A full service consulting firm, ZBRELLA handles all aspects of a firm’s technology needs, from assessments to integration to implementation and beyond. ZBRELLA delivers excellence and puts tomorrow’s technologies in its client’s hands today. We at SmartAdvocate are proud to partner with them and heartily recommend them to our clients. ZBRELLA is a sponsor of the SmartAdvocate 2016 User Conference, on June 6th and 7th at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale, NY. If you haven’t already registered, sign up now and come talk to them about how you can improve your firm’s performance.